Ikea releases a pair of affordable USB-C chargers

Ikea is now selling a pair of its own USB-C chargers that start at just $7.99. The 30W Sjöss charger comes with a single USB-C port, and there’s also a 45W model (also called Sjöss) that has two USB-C ports for $14.99. This dual-port charger can only output 45W of power when using one port at a time, with the output halved at 22W to each device when plugging in two simultaneously.

Ikea’s chargers are compatible with Power Delivery (PD 3.0), Quick Charge (QC4+), and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) specs. Both chargers come with a sheet of colored stickers that lets you “personalize” them — useful in households where kids or flatmates can easily mix them up.

The big news here is how affordable Ikea’s two chargers are. At the time of writing Anker’s most affordable single-port USB-C charger has an MSRP of $13.99 and offers 20W of power, while getting 30W of power typically costs $19.99 (though both are currently discounted). It’s a similar story over on Aukey’s online store.

Although you should always check the small print for the charging standards (and voltage / current) your device needs to charge at its fastest, 30W should be enough to fast-charge some Samsung devices and iPhones, and even matches the wattage of the base charger Apple supplies with its M2-powered MacBook Air. 45W should be able to handle some faster-charging devices too — though, again, be sure to check the fine print.

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