Mark Zuckerberg meets with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, calls him the “Taylor Swift of Tech”

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In a nutshell: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently met up with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and shared a photo of the two of them together. The viral Instagram post, which has already received over 170,000 likes, shows the two billionaires wearing each other’s jackets.

In the image, Zuckerberg can be seen wearing Huang’s trademark black leather jacket, while Huang is sporting Zuck’s brown and cream winter coat. Zuckerberg had shared the photo with the caption “Jersey swap.” The post has received thousands of comments from Instagram users but Zuckerberg’s reply to one of them has seemingly won the internet over.

Replying to Instagram user Weston Koury who said he didn’t know who Zuck was standing with, the Meta CEO said “He’s like Taylor Swift, but for tech.” Replying to another user, Zuckerberg said he was considering getting a similar black jacket himself. He also said that he got Jensen a black shearling coat that he will give the Nvidia boss the next time they meet. He also revealed that his brown jacket is from a brand called Overland Sheepskin.

While the Taylor Swift analogy may seem a little out of place at first, it does make sense when you think about it. Just as Swift has dominated the music industry over the past few years with chart-toppers like Anti-hero and Cruel Summer, Huang has also been instrumental in transforming Nvidia from a consumer GPU-maker to the undisputed king of advanced chips that are driving AI applications globally.

With a net worth of $170.3 billion, Mark Zuckerberg is currently the 4th-richest person in the world, while Huang is ranked #18 with a fortune estimated to be around $79.4 billion, according to Forbes.

Meta is one of Nvidia’s biggest customers, and is apparently planning to buy many more AI accelerators from the Santa Clara-based chipmaker in the near future. Replying to a user who asked if Meta is planning to buy Nvidia’s H100 AI accelerators for its AI applications, Zuckerberg said that he is thinking about getting the company’s B100 chips instead. He didn’t share any more details, but all indicators suggest that the Nvidia stock will likely remain a hot property on Wall Street in the foreseeable future.

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