Microsoft Copilot Is Now on Telegram: Here’s How to Use It

  • Microsoft Copilot (the company’s AI-powered chatbot) is now available on Telegram to all users for free. You can access it on both smartphones and PCs.
  • To use the chatbot, just search for the username @CopilotOfficialBot on the Telegram app or web version.
  • You can use it to ask questions, get recommendations, or just have a simple one-on-one conversation.

Microsoft Copilot Is Now on Telegram: Here’s How to Use It

Microsoft Copilot is now available on Telegram. Currently, the program is in beta mode but you can still use it to ask questions or have a one-on-one conversation—like how you would talk to a friend.

You can use it to get recommendations for movies, TV shows, latest game releases, and even cheat codes and walkthroughs of games. Furthermore, it can also give you dating tips, personalized travel itineraries, gym routines, brain teasers, personalized playlists, and loads more.

In short, for every question you have, Copilot on Telegram will have an answer. For questions it doesn’t have a built-in answer for, it’ll pull out information from the Bing search engine and help you out.

However, it’s important to note that Copilot can only offer text-based responses for now—images and videos are not supported. Perhaps it’ll follow GPT and offer a paid tier within Telegram itself for that?

How to Use Copilot on Telegram

In order to access Copilot on Telegram, all you have to do is search for the username @CopilotOfficialBot on the Telegram app. The good news is that it’s free for all users and available on both mobile and desktop Telegram apps, as well as on Telegram web on desktop.

While Copilot being free is certainly great news, there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind:

  • You can only have 30 conversations per day.
  • Before you start using the chatbot, you need to get a one-time verification done on your phone number. This is to ensure that the user itself is not a bot.

However, I feel that the phone number verification step might be a little unnecessary because Telegram already registers your phone number during sign-up. Plus, given it’s a privacy-focused app, not everyone will be comfortable giving up their phone number to a chatbot.

Speaking of privacy issues on Telegram, check out my in-depth guide discussing how Telegram’s free premium membership is a privacy nightmare.

Other AI Chatbots On Messaging Platforms

Microsoft isn’t the only platform to bring an AI chatbot to a messaging platform. In fact, it’s a bit late to the trend.

Google made its Gemini chatbot available on Google Messages a few months ago. Next, Meta added AI chatbots on Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this year.

Snapchat has also joined hands with ChatGPT and added an AI bot on every user’s profile. You can chat with it as you would with a friend or ask questions like a chatbot, too.

To conclude, it’s good to see Microsoft finally catch up with other AI chatbots. Also, it’s well worth noting that the company has been on a spree when it comes to adding Copilot to its products. It recently added it to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, as well as its ‘revolutionary’ Copilot+ PCs.

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