Microsoft resumes rollout of Windows 11 KB5039302 update for most users

Windows 11

Microsoft has resumed the rollout of the June Windows 11 KB5039302 update, now blocking the update only for those using virtualization software.

On Wednesday, Microsoft pulled the KB5039302 update after Windows 11 users found that their devices went into a reboot loop after it was installed.

After investigating the issue, Microsoft determined that the bug mostly affects devices that utilize virtual machine tools and nested virtualization features, such as CloudPC, DevBox, and Azure Virtual Desktop. Others stated it also affected VMware.

Yesterday, in an update to Windows Message Center, Microsoft once again resumed rolling out the KB5039302 update to those not running virtualization software.

“Availability of this update via Windows Update and Windows Update for Business was paused for a couple of days, but is being resumed today for most devices,” reads the message center update.

“This update offering is now paused only for devices affected by the issue. As a result, this update might not be offered to Hyper-V virtual machines running on hosts that utilize certain processor types.”

Those who wish to install the update can now run Windows Update and install it as usual.

However, this update comes with another bug that causes the Taskbar not to display properly if you are using Windows N edition or have the ‘Media Features’ feature turned off in Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off.

Therefore, if you have disabled the Media Features or are running Windows N, which does not contain media-related technologies, you may want to hold off installing the update.

Microsoft is working on fixing both issues and will provide them in an upcoming release.

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