The Best Travel Strollers for Your Summer Adventures (2024)

I love travel strollers. I test strollers as a part of my job, but whenever I’m not testing something new, I switch to these fantastic, lightweight strollers, even if I’m not traveling! They’ve become my go-to everyday strollers since my kid turned 1 and could face forward on our walks. They’re quick to fold and easy to throw in the trunk of my small sedan, and I can carry ’em with one hand while balancing my kid and unlocking the door with the other. They’re great for actual travel too. Whether you’re on a road trip or a plane ride, these lightweight travel strollers are the ones I love most after weeks of testing.

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  • Photograph: Nena Farrell

    Best Overall

    Nuna TRVL

    Remarkably easy to fold. Lightweight. Well-built. Comes with a travel bag. Expensive. No drink holders (for parent or baby) or kiddo snack tray. Not tall enough for older kids. Not compatible with most car seats.

    No stroller is as easy to fold as the Nuna TRVL. Just the other day a fellow mom asked me what stroller it was, saying she’d never seen a stroller fold like that before. The 14.6-pound Nuna quickly folds forward onto itself into an upright position, sticking the belly bar in the air for you to grab and go, whether you’re in the airport or piling into the car after a day at the zoo. It comes with a travel bag, which you can stuff into the lower storage basket and then use when checking the stroller onto a plane. Speaking of, the storage basket’s sides are a little low, but it was a perfect size to fit my favorite diaper bags.

    I really love this stroller for the hand fold. I used to live in an apartment with a staircase between me and the rest of the world (my car! the street! any useable sidewalks!) and having a lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller made getting out of the house or coming home from a walk so much easier. For my next little one, I’m buying Nuna’s car seat and using this system from day one, since Nuna’s TRVL line is compatible with its car seats. It offers a smooth ride even with the lightweight frame, though you do have to look out for big bumps on the sidewalk.

    13.6 pounds without handlebar, 14.6 with the handlebar. Comes with a travel bag.

  • Photograph: Zoe

    Best Budget Travel Stroller

    Zoe The Tour V2

    Great price. Lightest weight. Comes with lots of accessories, unlike most strollers. Folds nicely. Has car seat adapters you can buy. Quality feels a little cheap.

    The Zoe Tour V2 stroller has a lot of what I like about the Nuna, with a slightly worse fold and not as nice of a finished folding position. But it’s $200 cheaper! It also comes with cup holders for both parent and baby, and even a little snack bowl for my kid (these are so often extra upgrades you have to pay for on other strollers). You do have to choose either the belly bar or the kid cup and snack holders—you can’t have both. The belly bar is handy to lift the stroller with when folded.

    The Tour V2 looks nice, though the materials feel a little rough and the build doesn’t feel as sturdy. But the seat was still plenty comfy for my kid, and this compact stroller was easy to maneuver around. It’s the lightest stroller I have tested and recommend, though the difference isn’t that noticeable compared to other strollers that weigh between 13 to 15 pounds. You can also buy car seat adapters from Zoe to make the Tour V2 compatible with car seats from Graco, Chicco, Nuna, and others.

    13.4 pounds. Comes with a parent drink holder, baby drink holder, and baby snack bowl.

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