These Milwaukee Tool Products Will Help You Whip Your Yard Back Into Shape

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Are you tired of using gasoline-powered tools and handheld instruments like hedge shears to keep your yard tidy? Yard work can be labor-intensive and incredibly time-consuming when you don’t have the proper tools to help maintain it. With Milwaukee’s vast array of highly-rated power tools, though, you can be ready to get your lawn in tip-top shape just in time for spring.

Buying tools from Milwaukee can be a bit expensive, especially when you’re trying to build your battery collection with each purchase. However, within the M18 Redlithium battery line, many types of yard tools can be used. As attested by reviews from customers who have bought and used the products, as well as professional reviews from Pro Tool Reviews, here are five Milwaukee tools to help you get your yard looking better than ever. A more thorough explanation of our approach for selecting these products can be found at the end of this article.

M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw

With springtime comes storms, and often, they will knock the weak limbs of trees off and onto your yard or, worse, a power line. That’s why doing some preventative maintenance around your property is a good idea, especially if you can save yourself some work down the road. Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw gives you the reach you need to cut down those troublesome branches at a safe distance and many times without the need for ladders. It can extend from 9 to 13 feet in length with a 16-foot maximum reach.

Additionally, the saw has a 25 m/s chain speed with 2.35 HP peak power and can reach full throttle under one second. It even comes with a trigger lock-off, so you have full safety control of the tool. With the use of one M18 Redlithium High Output 8.0 battery, you can do up to 115 cuts on 4-inch diameter branches or 25 cuts for 8-inch diameter branches. It even comes with a metal branch hook, so while your saw is up in the trees, you can clear hung-up branches with no problem.

You can buy this pole saw at Home Depot for $600. However, the press release for this tool came out on October 2, 2023, so it’s still a fairly new product, which means there are not many reviews on it yet. Nonetheless, Pro Tool Reviews did an extensive review on the telescoping pole saw and gave it an overall rating of 9.8/10. There were no drawbacks reported in the article.

M18 Fuel 24 Hedge Trimmer

Trimming your hedges is a vital part of landscaping. You can mow your yard every week, but if your hedges are growing wild, your yard won’t look as neat as it could. Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel 24-inch Hedge Trimmer gives you all the power you need to get your bushes and other shrubs looking good. Costing $250 at Home Depot, this tool is immensely popular, with a 4.9 out of five-star rating from over 2,000 buyers. Even Pro Tool Reviews gave it a nine out of 10 rating with only one con on the list — at 8.6 pounds without the dual batteries attached, it is a bit on the heavier side.

This hedge trimmer has a 24-inch blade length and a 3,400 strokes per minute speed. According to Pro Tool Reviews, most cordless hedge trimmers run between 2,800 and 3,200 strokes per minute, so you’ll be able to get your landscaping done faster than ever before. Additionally, the brushless motor gives this trimmer the power to cut through 3/4-inch branches. The wild brush growing in your yard won’t stand a chance.

M18 Fuel 21 Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower

Battery-powered lawn mowers are becoming widely popular, especially with California banning the sale of gas-powered tools, among other things like a gas-powered generator for your home. Milwaukee has stepped up the plate with the M18 Fuel 21-inch Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower, and according to the company, it has more max torque than a 200cc gas, which will help propel through wet grass and other difficult mowing circumstances. At Home Depot, this mower costs $1,100, but it does come with two 12Ah batteries, which you’ll need since two batteries are required for this power-hungry tool.

Pro Tool Reviews gave this tool a rating of 9.7/10, and over 1,000 Home Depot customers gave it a 4.4 out of five. This self-propelled mower offers a variable speed drive dial and a thumb bar — however, the professional review does point out that the drive bar can cause thumb fatigue, so keep that in mind. It also comes with a 21-inch cut capacity steel deck and seven height range options between the one to 4-inch range. For runtime, you are looking between 40-60 minutes while mowing with maintenance cut conditions. Lastly, this mower is incredibly easy to use and allows for compact storage since the handle folds down.

M18 Fuel 17 Dual Battery String Trimmer

Weed eating usually follows the chore of mowing, so if you’ve got some battery power left or have invested in a vast M18 battery supply, why not opt to use Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel 17″ Dual Battery String Trimmer? At Home Depot, as well as other stores that you didn’t know sold Milwaukee tools, the cost of this string trimmer will run you $400. It was released in January 2024, so there aren’t many reviews on it just yet, but according to Pro Tool Reviews, it does give Milwaukee’s cordless lawn care line a boost, especially if you want more power and don’t want to invest in the Quik-Lok system.

With this weed eater, you have two batteries powering it unlike the single battery model, you’ll have nearly double the runtime depending on how you use the tool. There is a two-speed selector that allows you to choose between more runtime or more power, which can be convenient if you run into a thicker brush. It’s also easy to reload the string into the stock head that can hold up to 25 feet of line. Just insert the string and twist the head to reel it in. Additionally, the cutting swatch is between 15-17 inches, so you’ll have no problem getting your yard looking good.

M18 Fuel Dual Battery Blower

After cutting and weed-eating your lawn, grass clipping can be an annoying aftereffect, especially if you find yourself dragging them into the house or shop. Why not use a powerful tool to move them out of the way so they won’t be a bother to anyone? Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Dual Battery Blower is a high-endurance tool that can clear a path of debris up to 15 feet and gets to full-throttle under one second. It can blow out 600 CMP up to 145 MPH, so your lawn clipping won’t stand a chance. You can purchase this blower on Amazon for $280. It comes with a 4.5 out of five rating on Amazon and Milwaukee’s website.

This blower needs two M18 Redlithium batteries to power it, which adds some weight to the holding end of the tool. However, according to Pro Tool Reviews, using the 8.0Ah High Output batteries allows a balance between performance, runtime, and even weight. If you find it’s too heavy, though, you can opt for a lighter battery. Currently, there are no specific battery requirements in terms of amp hours.

How we selected these Milwaukee tools for your yard work

Milwaukee has a wide range of tools, many of which can be used for your outdoor space. The tools featured in this article were selected based on thorough research of the products from personal knowledge of the brand and from user reviewers. These reviews came from customers who have purchased and actively used the tools. Additionally, professional reviews from Pro Tool Reviews, a reputable review source for tools, were taken into consideration. All of these tools have a rating of a minimum of four out of five stars.

Also, all of these outdoor tools are part of Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel line. With that being said, you can still use the M18 batteries, though it is recommended you use a more powerful amp-hour battery. A 2.0Ah isn’t going to give you as much power and time as a 5.0Ah or even one of Milwaukee’s M18 High Output batteries. We do encourage you to do extra research before purchasing these products, especially if you are new to the Milwaukee battery system. You’ll want to make sure your money is going towards the best tools for your needs.

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