Trieve (YC W24) Is Hiring a Sales Engineer

Sales Engineer at Trieve (W24)

Trieve is all-in-one infrastructure for building search, recommendations, and RAG. This role focuses on building performant demos of our search for our outbound and inbound prospects.

Compensation: $130-200K (OTE)

San Francisco, CA, US | Full-time, in-person

About Trieve

Trieve aims to power every search bar on the internet.

Search has improved drastically over the past few years, however, it is still necessary to experiment and tune retrieval and recommendation systems for them to work well.

To that end, Trieve combines the state of the art search language models with tools for fine-tuning ranking and relevance.

We recently closed our seed round and have several years of runway. We’re looking for a talented engineer to join the four of us in increasing the pace of our sales and the scope of clients we can service.

Sales Motion

The core of our sales motion is as follow:

1. Scrape the catalogue of a customer’s publicly facing website (e-commerce, blog, documentation, etc.). This can be any site with a search bar.

2. Replicate the core functionality of their current search UX into a demo UI. Preferably use the customer’s current tech stack, but whatever you are most comfortable with works.

3. Post the demo to any public forums the customer has and send it to them as outbound. If possible, we find a warm intro to do this through.

Here is an example of this for the YC Company Directory:

This is our primary outbound sales motion, but it’s resource-intensive. This is where you come in.


– Build search, recommendation, and RAG demos for potential customers.

– Identify issues with v1 demos and ways to improve them. I.e. switching the search mode, changing how the data is indexed, swapping embedding models, tuning cross-encoders, etc.

– Write documentation as to how the demo was built and why certain decisions were made

– Collaborate on outbound sales collateral

– Spend a maximum of 30% of your time servicing clients

Required Qualifications

For the interview we will ask you to scrape a public catalog of your choice or something we recommend and build a MVP frontend.

If you are able to do this within 1-2 days then you have the experience required for the role!

We are happy to waive the interview assignment if you have substantial Github activity and relevant projects.

Hiring Process

1. Apply with a short blurb about your background and why you are a good fit for the role

2. We’ll hop on a short call to discuss the role and the interview assignment

3. Upon completion, you walk us through the demo

4. If successful, we can walk through an offer and answer any questions

Note: Regardless of outcome, approved complete demos will be paid out $599.

Our Tech Stack

Check out (and star!) our repo at

– Rust actix-web REST API

– SolidJS SPA frontends

– Rust workers with Redis for queueing

– Qdrant for vector storage

– Postgres for application data relating to multi-tenancy

What We Offer

– Aggressive, uncapped commission on first year contract value

– Competitive base salary

– In-person position working in our office in downtown San Francisco

– Sales-focused team interested in closing high-ACV deals

– Your work will be open source on Github such that you may build public reputation and following

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