Unveiling the Most Popular Crypto Presales in March Among Americans

As BTC surges 162% and SOL an enormous 820% year to date, with many other tokens following, the crypto industry experiences a revival. We start seeing more new exciting projects, many of which give investors a chance to grab their tokens with discounts on presales. 

However, not every presale is equally successful. Some projects flop within days, never reaching the launch stage. Separating nonstarters from projects with genuine potential isn’t easy. 

Today, we’re sharing the three most popular crypto presales this March among Americans that are worth your attention. 

This is not investment advice. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and susceptible to FOMO. It’s important you do your own research before buying any cryptocurrency.


Dogecoin20 is the ERC-20 successor of the famous Dogecoin, the first meme coin ever launched.

DOGE20 has already raised over $10 million on presale.

Investors still have a chance to join the presale and get it at $0.00022 per token. That’s 57% above its starting price of $0.000140, but the community anticipates the price to grow even further after its launch on major DEXs. 

Dogecoin20 crypto presale

The launch is planned for April 20, International DOGE Day. DOGE price usually surges around that time, so DOGE20, too, has the potential for a significant value increase. 

As for tokenomics, DOGE20 has a total supply of 140 billion tokens, 25% of which have already been sold during presale. Now, the project trades tokens from the 35-billion marketing allocation to increase its post-launch liquidity. 

Another 25% is allocated to long-term development, highlighting the project’s aim for sustained growth. Since DOGE20 utility lies in staking with up to 170% APY, 15% is reserved for rewards. Lastly, 10% will ensure the coin’s post-launch liquidity on exchanges. 


Smog, a new friendly dragon meme coin, exploded 4,600% after its fair launch on Solana’s Raydium DEX. 

However, SMOG is still available on Ethereum presale, presenting the last chance to get it at 10% off the current market price. 

Smog crypto presale

Early investors can already stake their SMOG at 42% APY in Ethereum.

Another incentive driving the project’s growth is the upcoming Solana airdrop, with 35% of the token supply allocated for the purpose. 

Out of the total 1.4 billion SMOG tokens, a hefty 50% is allocated for marketing efforts, which is only logical for a meme coin that largely relies on community support. 

Smog crypto X account

Smog has already gained over 50k followers on X, with posts getting thousands of comments, likes, and retweets. The remaining 15% is reserved for exchange liquidity. 


Unlike Dogecoin20 and Smog, BlockDAG doesn’t ride the meme coin hype wave but aims to change the mining arena. It introduces a new mining mobile app where users can earn up to 20 BDAG daily. 

BDAG already raised over $9.8 million on presale and is quickly approaching the $10 million mark. Only $393 million remains until the token is launched on exchanges. 

BlockDAG crypto presale

Currently, 1 BDAG trades for 0.003 USDT.  The next token batch will be priced 16% higher at 0.0035 USDT. 

Of the total 50 billion token supply, 33% is allocated to presale and 66% to the community as mining rewards, marketing, and exchange liquidity. Only 1% is reserved for the project’s team. 

Final Words

As 2024 marks the beginning of the new crypto bull run, more and more exciting projects appear on the market. The best presales, like Dogecoin20 and Smog, have already shown their potential, earning millions in funding and thousands of community members. 

But while crypto presales may offer an opportunity for higher returns, it’s important you invest responsibly and DYOR (do your own research). The crypto market is volatile, so you should only spend as much as you’re prepared to lose. 

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