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Visible Wireless $25/month promotion


Visible Wireless is the discount wireless phone service provider by Verizon. If you’re a former or current Verizon customer, you’re without a doubt familiar with how much it costs. You might be surprised to find that Visible offers phone service with unlimited talk, text, and data (with certain restrictions) for as low as $25 per month including taxes and fees. The premium plan, known as Visible+, comes with 50GB per month of priority 5G or 4G LTE use, and access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband service for $45/month including taxes and fees.

Those with single-line plans on Verizon are likely already pretty intrigued by the concept. However, Visible Wireless doesn’t stop there in trying to convince you to make the switch. The company is offering a handful of special discounts and deals for new Visible customers. In addition, the company offers a host of perks for its users outside of the affordable service.

Visible perks and features

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As a discount wireless service provider, Visible doesn’t offer any sort of monumental perks like discounted or free streaming services, or special pricing for events or attractions as you’ll find on things like T-Mobile’s Magenta Status. That said, there are still some solid perks associated with a Visible Wireless plan.

A major perk of the service is unlimited use of your phone as a wireless hotspot. Even some flagship wireless plans still restrict how much you can use your phone as a wireless hotspot. In addition, both plans offer unlimited talk and text in both Mexico and Canada. In addition, Visible+ offers unlimited texting to over 200 countries, with calling available to over 30 countries.

One of the most notable perks from Visible is known as Visible Connection Protection. In the event that you’re laid off during your time as a Visible Wireless customer, the company will cover three months of your phone service while you search for a new job.

Lastly, Visible Wireless offers a referral program for its users. Users get $20 in bill credits for every friend they refer. Better yet, the people you refer get $20 toward their first month of service, as well. So, if you’ve got enough interested friends, you could get $20 per month off your bill for quite some time and see substantial savings in your overall phone service costs.

Discounts and deals

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Visible offers a handful of discounts and deals for switching to its service at the moment. If you’re considering making the switch, the following deals are absolutely worth taking into consideration in making your decision.

At the time of writing, Visible Wireless is offering new customers a $50 gift card if they switch to Visible with a Samsung Phone. Those with qualifying Samsung phones that are compatible with Visible service get to choose from a host of retailers for the gift card. These retailers include Amazon, Target, The Home Depot, Uber Eats, Best Buy, and more. The Visible Wireless website makes it easy to see if your phone is compatible with Visible service by simply entering your device’s IMEI.

If you don’t own a phone outright or your phone is not compatible with the service, Visible has solutions for you, too. Visible offers financing with interest rates as low as zero percent (via Affirm) on all sorts of devices, including the newest flagship phones like the iPhone 15, Google Pixel 8, and Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup. In addition, when new users purchase a qualifying new phone via Visible, whether it is paid in full or financed, they can qualify for up to $240 off Visible’s service in the form of discounts spread out over the course of up to 24 months.

Trade-ins, upgrades, and free trial

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New Visible Wireless customers can trade in old phones for at least $100 towards service. To take advantage of this deal, those looking to trade their phone in must purchase their phone via the Visible Wireless web store. However, the trade-in value qualifies for devices bought both outright, and via Affirm financing. The trade-in value is paid back to the purchase method used to buy the phone if buyers pay for the phone in full. If the phone is purchased with financing, the trade-in value will be paid out via a MasterCard gift card.

Visible also offers an upgrade program for users who purchase a phone with financing from Affirm. Once users have paid off at least 50% of the outstanding balance on the phone, Visible offers users an upgrade opportunity wherein they can purchase another phone via Affirm financing and send their old phone in. From there, Visible will cover the remaining half of the balance on the old phone.

Finally, Visible has a program for those interested in their service that aren’t quite ready to dive in head first in which you can try the service for free for 15 days. If you have a compatible unlocked device, Visible will provide you with a temporary trial phone number with 15 days of unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspot service. Those who complete the trial and wish to switch can still transfer their existing phone number once the trial period has ended.

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