VisionBook Air Max Ultra: Finally a completely bezel-less Apple MacBook display

The beheaded MacBook Air is detected and a virtual display appears above the “laptop”. The screen can be positioned exactly where the physical display used to be and can be resized. As already known, additional virtual windows of the Vision OS can be placed in the physical environment and can be controlled via the keyboard and the Touchpad of the decapitated MacBook Air.

Since all functions can of course also be used with a regular MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, the practical use is limited. However, there are two very interesting aspects to consider:

First of all, a MacBook Air M1 / M2 with a broken screen can still be used without an external display, so it can be used on the go. Of course, this only makes financial sense if you already own a Vision Pro. Second, and much more interesting is the creative and especially humorous commercial clip that starts at minute 8:40 in the embedded video. It features slogans such as “You can’t crack a screen that isn’t there”.

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