The Popeyes meme kid is a college football player now and he needs an NIL deal IMMEDIATELY

Are you ready to feel old?

Or, at least older than you already do?

In 2013, a video went viral on Vine — and yes thinking of the now-defunct Vine might be enough to make you feel old — of a young boy in line at a Popeye’s, reacting with some side-eye as a stranger filmed him in line. You have probably seen the video thousands of times, if not more, as it lives on as a meme as well as a reaction gif on all corners of the internet.

Well, the young man in question is a bit older now.

And he just finished his freshman year of college football.

Dieunerst Collin is that young man, he put together an impressive resume during his high school playing days. Collin was a First Team All-Conference, All-County, and All-Division selection in just his one year as a letter-winner. He also participated on East Orange High School’s track and field team. After winning a New Jersey state championship back in 2021 with, Collin enrolled at Lake Erie College, a Division II program.

Now that he is in college, something else should follow.

An NIL deal from Popeyes:

After all, Collin brought a lot of attention to Popeyes over the years, and it is the least the restaurant chain can do for him.

For his part, Collin is ready to talk business:

Popeyes, it is time to do right by Collin.

Perhaps Collin’s time in college will set him on a path to NFL stardom. But if not, he certainly seems to have a life planned for his post-football days. According to his bio on the Lake Erie website, Collin is majoring in Sports Management, with a minor in Comedian Studies.

He is also pursuing a career as a sports analyst.

So before we hire him at SB Nation after he graduates, it is time for Popeyes to do the right thing.

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