“There Are More Scandalous Pictures..”: When Derek Jeter’s Wife Hannah Jeter Stood Firm in the Face of Harsh Criticism Towards Her

Throughout his career with the New York Yankees, MLB Great Derek Jeter remained firm and determined toward his goal. Fortunately for him, his wife, supermodel Hannah Jeter is also of the same root. Having shot for various magazines’ front covers, the supermodel became one of the best in her industry. While doing so, she also encountered her fair share of criticism. 

But in order to remain the best at what she did, Sports Illustrated’s model did not let any of the criticism sway her away from her goal. Something similar happened after Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue was launched in February 2015. The mother of three faced a massive backlash for her semi-nude bikini picture. However, she stood firm and did not let the controversy get in the way of her happiness. 

What did Hannah Jeter say about her swimsuit cover controversy?


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According to the model, controversies happen every day. Also, people did not need to make a big deal out of such a small thing. She added that there are far more scandalous pictures in the magazine, and hers was just a girl in a bikini. 

In her interview with Page Six, the supermodel said, “There are far more scandalous pictures in the magazine if you open it up. It’s a girl in a bikini, and I think it’s empowering; I’ve been hearing it’s degrading. It’s kind of just silly that they’re making it out to be the big thing; I mean, it’s the swimsuit issue.”

People close to her supported her through this controversy, including her husband, Derek Jeter. In one of her interviews about the swimsuit cover, she said that everybody around her liked it without taking her husband’s name. 


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The Jeters share one other thing!

Aside from being determined toward their goal, the couple also likes having as much privacy as possible. Throughout his career, the Hall of Famer said multiple times how he wanted to keep his personal life separate. That did not change even after he got retired. 

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The supermodel thinks that there are some things that are not to share with anyone else. In this matter, the two of them are precisely the same. 

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