Tiger Woods Apologized For Handing His Golf Buddy A Tampon As A Joke For Losing

Tiger Woods has apologized for a “prank” on the golf course that didn’t elicit many laughs. On Thursday, at the Genesis Invitational in Pacific Palisades, California, Woods handed a Tampax tampon to fellow golfer Justin Thomas during the first round of play after Woods hit farther than Thomas on the ninth tee.

The photo sparked a largely dissenting backlash online, with some labeling it as “unfunny” and “misogynistic.” As a result, Woods apologized for the incident in a news conference on Friday.

“It was supposed to be fun and games, but obviously, it hasn’t turned out that way,” he said. “If I offended anybody, it was not the case. It was just friends having fun and as I said, if I offended anybody in any way, shape, or form, I’m sorry. It was not intended to be that way. We play pranks on one another all the time and virally, I do not think this came across that way, but between us, it was different.”

In footage of the interaction, Thomas seemed to laugh off the joke; however, after the photos started to go viral on Friday, some chimed in online that the joke seemed to imply that menstruating people are weaker than non-menstruating people.

Jennifer Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible and an outspoken social media user on false health information, tweeted that it was a “stale joke.”

“Positioning menstruation as weakness is the patriarchy and this is a puerile, stale joke,” Gunter tweeted. “Let’s put the menstrual cramp machine on Tiger Woods so he can have some more data about menstruation.”

In a follow-up tweet, Gunter said, “Those of you rushing to defend this are exposing your misogyny.”

Another user tweeted on Friday, “if tiger spent three months a year bleeding and coping with period pain, they’d make a whole-ass documentary about how champions overcome insurmountable obstacles.”

“Call me woke,” a Twitter user tweeted. “Call me a snowflake. Call me “offended”. Whatever. But handing another male golfer a tampon is objectively not funny. It shows the sophistication of a 14 year old schoolboy.”

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