Today’s Wordle Answer #570 – January 10, 2023 Solution And Hints

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Today’s Wordle answer is quite a sordid affair — it’s like getting filth in your fingernails or muck in your shoes. We’ll supply some clues to help you do a neat job of figuring out the answer on time, but if you’d rather not do the head-scratching, you can skip to the second section for the answer. The word of the day is an adjective that describes something as caked and coated with a buildup of dirt. It could also describe a person of shady character, someone you don’t want to interact or be associated with.

The mystery word has only one vowel, “I,” as its central letter. There are no repeated letters, and the word rhymes with “blimey.” The base noun from which this word is derived from is the name of a genre of British rap based on UK garage music, characterized by a low bassline and vocals by an MC. If you removed its last letter, you’d be left with another adjective that describes something as depressing, gloomy, or forbidding.

Homer’s enemy in the Simpsons

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Still scratching your head? The word you’re looking for is “grimy.” In The Simpsons, it’s the nickname Homer bestows on his colleague, Frank Grimes, who doesn’t care for him (and whose backstory is a little confusing, as are many other things on the show). The word “grimy” is from the noun “grime,” which is of uncertain origin, according to Etymonline, but is probably derived from a Middle English word “grim,” which means dirt or filth, itself from Middle Low German “greme,” of the same meaning.

Grime is also the genre of British rap that Idris Elba and Stormzy are popular for. It is so called because journalists at the time termed the music’s bass-heavy sound as “grimy,” and that eventually became simply “grime.” Per a report by The Guardian, artists in the genre consider the term appropriate, since the content of the music is usually about rough, aggressive, “grimy goings-on” in underprivileged areas.

Our three-try triumph has continued today, even though we opened the game with a particularly unlucky starting word, blank. It left a whopping 859 possible answers, but the next guess, “crony,” narrowed it down to just two. We hope you have better luck, and if you’re itching for more challenges, here are other games like Wordle to keep you busy.

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