UFC veteran Matt Brown sends a warning to Jake Paul ahead of his planned crossover to MMA: “It’s a different beast”

MMA veteran Matt Brown has issued a warning to Jake Paul as he plans to make the move into mixed martial arts with PFL.

Last month, Jake Paul announced that he had signed a deal to compete under the Professional Fighters League umbrella. Some were surprised, whereas others saw it as a natural progression from his time in the boxing ring.

Of course, before he really begins his MMA training, he first needs to deal with Tommy Fury on February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

For some, though, all eyes are on the cage, as fans and pundits look forward to seeing what he can do in there.

That includes UFC veteran Matt Brown, who provided Paul with some great advice during a recent interview.

Appreciate all the support I’m seeing for this move into MMA with @PFLMMA from fighters and fans. I’m here to grow the pie for the sport, the league and the entire roster.

And for the haters – you fuel me. Keep it coming.

— Jake Paul (@jakepaul) January 5, 2023

“When Jake Paul comes to MMA, I think one thing he’s going to discover is these guys that he’s fought in these so-called boxing matches, for one, he fought all older guys,” Brown said on The Fighter vs. The Writer. “I’m not going to call them washed up, but they weren’t boxers. They were older. These MMA guys, I know a lot of MMA fighters, even ones that aren’t good, and they’re f****** lions. They’re starving, blood-hungry lions. It’s a different beast. There’s some beast boxers, too, but generally they’re athletes playing a skill game.

Brown warns Paul

“When you get into MMA fighters, these guys are just savage, f****** beasts. They’re lions coming for blood. It’s a different beast. These guys are savages. You can pick the right matchup and still lose. There’s so many different ways to lose. It’s just a different beast.”

“I’m not sure what his whole plan is here,” Brown said. “He was talking about he wanted to be a real boxer. You can’t train MMA and go box real boxers. You’re going up against guys that are only working their hands in boxing six, eight hours a day versus guys — if you’re training MMA — you’ve got to do jiu-jitsu, you’ve got to do wrestling, you’ve got do the clinch, you’ve got to do kickboxing and then you’ve got to do some boxing. The sports are very, very different.”

Quotes via MMA Fighting

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