World Triathlon Development extends coaching certificate revalidation opportunities

World Triathlon have announced that they will provide ongoing revalidation opportunities to individual coaches who previously benefited at no cost from World Triathlon Coach Education but for whatever reason could not maintain their certifications. Today, on February 11th, World Triathlon is launching two e-learning opportunities for these coaches as a major step forward in helping our coaches worldwide and providing continuous development opportunities:
– Revalidation of World Triathlon Coach Certifications pre-2014”: a pay-based opportunity for those, who were already assessed and certified (and are hopefully active since their initial certifications before 2014), to become familiar with the Education & Knowledge HUB, refresh and complement what they learned during their previous course(s), and become familiar with those content elements, which have been developed and added since the introduction of the current education system.
– Revalidation of Expired World Triathlon Coach Certifications”: another single, pay-based opportunity for individuals with expired post-2014 certificates to get them back on track, with the firm intention to bring those who missed any parts of the current CRoC process to the same level as where coaches are, who followed up regularly as required.

Applications for both non-regular revalidations detailed above are available online. In case you don’t have an account on the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge HUB yet, please follow these instructions first.

The successful completion of the relevant revalidation e-course on the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge HUB will bring individuals back to the World Triathlon Coaching Pathway. These opportunities are pay-based that can be covered by individuals or their respective National Federations. The full amount of these e-courses will be reinvested in Coaching Education.

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