SigmaRoc and Duo Group form waste processing alliance

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Duo Group has agreed to establish processing plants at up to seven SigmaRoc limestone quarries to reprocess historically uneconomical quarry tip waste into a premium construction material.

Under the agreement, Duo Group will install large reprocessing plants to cover material preparation and processing, load and haul, plant operation, and material dispatch. SigmaRoc will make available all unprocessed “tipped” materials that previously held no commercial value.

SigmaRoc says that the arrangement has the potential to generate more than £150m incremental revenue over the course of the 10-year alliance and move it closer to its ambition of using 100% of the resource it quarries.

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Quarry tips, also known as spoil tips, are accumulations of previously uneconomical processable material removed by the quarrying operations. By repurposing this previously overlooked resource, using Duo’s processing equipment, the alliance aims to extend the operational life of quarries and conserve natural resources.

Duo Group managing director Martin McWilliams said: “SigmaRoc has become a major player in recent years in the UK and northern Europe. They have a clear roadmap on their growth journey and their ambition to reach 100% utilisation of all production materials. We are excited to be part of this journey. We share equal values in sustainability and innovation, and together, we can achieve significant milestones together by reducing the environmental footprint of the aggregates industry and helping to meet the sector’s ESG targets.”

SigmaRoc chief technical officer Charles Trigg said: “This is exciting news for the group, proving both our ability to drive increased value as well as bringing us closer to achieving our goal of 100% utilisation of all production materials.”

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