I Threw My Husband’s Mistress and Their Baby on the Street; I Needed to Stay Firm on My Decision

In a world where personal boundaries and moral dilemmas often clash, navigating relationships can become a minefield. This is especially true in today’s story.

She shared what happened.

My common-law husband and I, both in our early forties, have spent a decade together in what I believed to be a loving and happy relationship. However, I recently discovered he had a mistress on the side.

As a furniture maker, I earn around €1 million a year, while my husband is a teacher. I’ve always been the primary provider and never questioned how he spent his salary. Despite our significant income, we live modestly by choice, though we have a large house, nice cars, and an impressive art collection. All of these, however, are in my name.

It turns out my husband met his 25-year-old mistress under false pretenses, leading her to believe that we were legally married and he owned half of my business and assets. When she became pregnant, he began using his salary to support her. While he was on vacation in Dubai, her lease expired, and she showed up at my door with their baby.

She introduced herself as his girlfriend and claimed that my husband and I were getting a divorce, suggesting she should live in our house while I could afford to stay in a hotel. Refusing to leave, I called the police and locked myself in the greenhouse. By the time the police arrived, she was already unpacking her baby’s clothes in the living room. They escorted her out, leaving me shaken and shocked.

Later, I learned the full extent of my husband’s betrayal. Despite his mother accusing me of being heartless for putting her grandson on the street, and claiming I used my wealth to control everything, I was baffled by the mistress’s affluence. My husband, who earns around $60k a year, had been giving her his entire salary, yet she showed up with designer bags, a high-end stroller, and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. Now, I’m painted as the villain.

People stood on her side.

  • “Pack his things and put them in the front yard when you know he’s landed and is on his way to the house, and let his mommy know to come get her cheating son from your house.” Lower-Recover2011 / Reddit
  • “If your mother-in-law is so concerned about the baby, she can take them in.” M***erhornet212 / Reddit
  • “Imagine going to someone else house and telling that person that they can go to live in a hotel. The level of audacity!” Stomach_Junior / Reddit

  • “Dump the guy and change your home locks. If he’s on any of your accounts, kick him off. Cancel any joint credit cards, because you’re obviously the one paying (how else could she have so much.) Time for you to MOVE on.” Affectionate_Fig3621 / Reddit
  • “The mom sounded like she knew already, protect yourself and change locks and everything, he can go to his mom with her.” Dresden_Mouse / Reddit
  • “You are not responsible for your husband’s affair child, and the way she showed up and was expecting you to just leave is entitled and disrespectful.” Significant_Gur5570 / Reddit

  • “I’m so pleased you are not married and own the property. You can disentangle him easily. Side piece needs to educate herself on basic family law. Bye to him and bye to her. I’m sorry for the heartbreak, though.” Mjukplister / Reddit
  • “The audacity of her trying to kick you out, divorced or not (but not even married!), and just take over like it’s her home. Talk about being entitled.” No-Gene-4508 / Reddit
  • “Seek a restraining order and if you don’t have them yet, get security cameras throughout the property ASAP. I would also consult a lawyer and start working on your separation/divorce. After all, if he told her he’s getting a divorce, you might as well grant his wish, right?” virtualchoirboy / Reddit

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