BGC Looks Forward to Improving Gambling Standards with the New Government

Britain’s Betting and Gaming Council has welcomed the new government, expressing its commitment to working with Keir Starmer’s Labour to “deliver a world-class betting and gaming industry.”

The Labour Party defeated the conservatives at Rishi Sunak’s snap election on July 4, potentially marking a new era for gambling standards. Prior to the elections, Starmer’s party vowed to work with the industry and improve the safer gambling standards alongside the BGC.

This change comes amid some of the biggest regulatory reforms in the history of British gaming, following the publication of the white paper in 2023. While the reformation process was mired by political instability and delayed on multiple occasions, industry stakeholders are optimistic that the new government would deliver on many of the changes outlined in the white paper.

As for the BGC, the industry body says that it remains committed to delivering the “evidence-based, proportionate proposals” contained in the paper.

BGC Has Long Seen Labour as a “Government in Waiting”

Michael Dugher, chair of the BGC, commented on the matter. On behalf of the council, its members, the 110,000 people whose jobs rely on the gaming and betting sector and the millions of players, he welcomed Labour’s victory and its commitment to working with the industry.

Dugher highlighted the high standards underpinning British gaming and vowed to make further investments in “virtually every constituency.” He added that the political certainty heralded by Labour’s victory comes at a crucial time for the industry and would help it to bolster its sustainability.

The BGC chair admitted that the council has long treated the Labour Party as “a government in waiting” and, because of that, has been working closely with shadow ministers in recent years.

Our work to drive up standards and champion a world-leading British industry carries on and we look forward to partnering with Labour – as they have pledged – in this vitally important work.

Michael Dugher, chair, BGC

The BGC mentioned that the UK gaming industry supports 110,000 jobs, generates £4.2 billion in tax and contributes £7.1 billion to the economy. The council added that its members also provide crucial funding to sports clubs and leagues across the country, as well as to the horseracing sector.

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