Dricus Du Plessis vows to bring “chaos” in UFC 305 title fight against Israel Adesanya

Dricus Du Plessis plans to bring chaos to his UFC 305 title defense against Israel Adesanya.

Dricus Du Plessis

Du Plessis is set to take on Adesanya in his first title defense on August 17 in Perth, Australia. It’s a highly-anticipated fight as the two don’t like each other and have taken shots at one another in the media. Heading into the fight, Du Plessis is confident he will be too chaotic and powerful for Adesanya.

“I’ve always matched, you respect me, I respect you with my opponent. The big thing now, he has a whole demeanor shift because he’s changing his life, the change is there,” Du Plessis said to Submission Radio. Honestly, I don’t think he wants to be there. He talks about being at peace the whole time. Well, while he’s at peace, I represent chaos. Peace hates chaos, and I promise you, when we’re in that Octagon, he will know nothing about peace, he will only know chaos.”

With Dricus Du Plessis expecting to bring chaos to his fight against Israel Adesanya he believes that will lead to an exciting scrap. But, Du Plessis is confident he will end up finishing Adesanya to defend his belt and make a statement.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this fight is going to be an absolute banger of a fight. Like I said, I’ve never been in a boring fight and I know he has been, but not with me. When you’re in that Octagon with me, there’s no way it’s a boring fight because I will be coming and trying to take your head off for 25 minutes,” Du Plessis said. “At the end of the day, I’m coming to finish you know, I didn’t get a finish in my last fight. I only had two decisions in my career, and that’s more than enough. Both decisions were incredible wars. I’m happy with that. But I’m coming to finish. I’m coming to prove a point and I’m coming to do it in spectacular fashion.”

Du Plessis enters the fight with a record of 21-2 and is coming off a split-decision win over Sean Strickland at UFC 297 to win the middleweight title.

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