Rodeo Star Spencer Wright’s Son, 3, Injured in Toy Tractor Accident

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The son of rodeo star Spencer Wright is fighting for his life following a tragic accident.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office in Utah responded to a call about a child who had driven their toy tractor into a river May 21, the department said in a statement. First responders found the boy and administered life-saving measures on the scene before he was airlifted to a hospital. The child, identified as Spencer and wife Kallie‘s 3-year-old son Levi, remains in critical condition, the family’s rep Mindy Sue Clark told Salt Lake City TV station ABC4 May 22.

Kallie—who also shares daughter Steeley, 4, and son Brae, 9 months, with Spencer—had also called for help on social media before the first responders arrived.

“I need everyone in Beaver to come to my house,” she wrote in a Facebook post shared by the family’s rep,  “and help find my son in the water.”

Kallie later shared a message thanking community members for coming to their aid. “To whoever decided to spend close to an hour reviving him and not giving up. I’d hug you if I could,” she said in another post May 23. “The water was up to my chest and I don’t know if I could have known what to do if I did find him. All the first responders and neighbors and friends that showed up in a matter of seconds to console me or jump in the water. The 911 operator that spent maybe 30 seconds on the phone with me before taking action, they wasted no time. You’re all mine and Levi’s angels.”

The day after the accident, the family’s rep said Levi’s heart was beating on its own. “He has a will to breathe but his sweet little brain was without oxygen too long,” read a May 22 Facebook statement, “and there is no coming back from that.”

About two hours later, the rep posted another family update alongside a photo of Kallie lying down on a hospital bed with Levi as Spencer stood beside them.

Facebook / Mindy Sue Clark

“Don’t give up on my boy just yet, we switched staff this morning and our doctor was a little taken back by her exam as they came in the room to end care,” the family said. “She felt strongly that we needed to give him more time, now this doesn’t mean that in 12 hours we won’t be right back in the same position with him in my arms preparing for goodbye but it does mean we have time for a miracle! Pray the hardest you ever have, I beg of you! However this ends, it’ll be the Lord’s will.”

By the evening, doctors were “surprised by the strides” Levi had made, per the family. They noted the toddler was taking antibiotics and would be getting an electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor his brain activity, along with an MRI done over the weekend.

“He is fevering so they’re keeping him really cold which is hard to watch,” Kallie said in a statement. “We don’t know what the future holds, please don’t let prayers for my baby dim or his story become old news! Keep praying for him.”

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