Greg Olsen Still Aims to Be Top NFL Analyst After Being Bumped for Tom Brady

Although Greg Olsen will still have his seat at the analyst’s desk during NFL broadcasts for Fox during the 2024 season, he’ll no longer be the No. 1 analyst at the network with Tom Brady set to take over the top spot.

Despite being bumped for the incoming Brady, Olsen told Front Office Sports that his desire to be the league’s No. 1 analyst hasn’t dissipated. If anything, getting replaced by Brady has only lit a fire in the 39-year-old Olsen.

“… My aspirations are still to be a No. 1 analyst, whether it’s at Fox or elsewhere,” Olsen said to Owen Poindexter on an episode of FOS Today. “That will never change as long as I do this. I’m not just content to be there. I’m not just happy to have a seat. I want the top seat, and I want that wherever that opportunity allows. And I’ll never stop working for that—I feel more motivated for that now than ever.”

“Life sometimes is out of your control. Would I love to continue to be calling that team? Of course, who wouldn’t? But again, my respect for Tom, and what he’s accomplished and what he’s done, obviously speaks for itself,” Olsen said.

“But I’d be lying if I said—you know, I’d love to be that guy calling the Super Bowl this year. I think everybody would. My hunger, my approach, my aspirations, if anything, have just gotten stronger.”

Olsen, who retired from the NFL in 2021, has quickly become a fan favorite on NFL broadcasts due to his insightful analysis and his ability to break down plays quickly and concisely in a manner that’s easy to digest to a viewing audience.

Despite his success, Fox elected to spring Brady into the top seat after signing him to a lucrative contract, bumping Olsen down the totem pole. This year, Olsen will be paired up with Joe Davis on Fox’s “B-Team,” a move which reportedly comes with a significant downgrade in pay.

Olsen has handled the slew of professional changes with class, but he’s made clear that he doesn’t envision himself out of the No. 1 spot for long.

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